physician explaining list of functional medicine in silver spring mdMany of us struggle with chronic conditions. Whether they’re major illnesses or minor discomforts, we’ve convinced ourselves we need to learn to live with them. Yet health isn’t about enduring chronic pain or merely managing illnesses. It’s about improving your conditions. Fortunately, a new approach to health and wellness has been shown to help many people. Functional medicine in Silver Spring, MD, is a holistic approach viewing the body as a complex system. When it gets out of balance, illness arises. Thus, Back To You Chiropractic and Rehab focuses on restoring the natural balance to your body and relieving the chronic conditions clients face. You don’t have to endure discomfort. We can help with chiropractic and rehab services.

Our Holistic Approach

Unlike traditional approaches, we spend time with patients listening to their issues but also asking questions about their interactions. Functional medicine in Silver Spring, MD, needs to understand not just the objective genetic information but one’s living environment and lifestyle influences.

Functional medicine treats the causes of illness rather than just the symptoms. By taking a view of your body as a whole system, we’re better able to diagnose and treat you. This builds up your resistances, balances your unique system, and prevents future flare-up or issues.

We being with nutrition, functional medicine is a food first approach. All of us understand that what we eat and how we eat impacts our daily lives. However, we tend not to realize just how much nutrition affects us. We’ll develop a personalized plan alongside you, taking into account all the personal factors affecting your day-to-day. What we come up with will restore any nutrient deficiencies, build up your microbiome, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthy body.

By focusing our attention on what the client wants, we are better able to develop a plan of action. Rather than being told what you need to do, we work with you to find out what you can accomplish. We want to know what you most want to see as a result. So, to get there, we may need to implement lifestyle changes to reduce stress, improve sleep, and develop healthier activity habits. But the process of functional medicine is empowering. We help you discover what it is that’s preventing you from reaching your goals, and then we assist you in implementing action.

How Functional Medicine Is Different

At Back To You Chiropractic and Rehab, we facilitate change. We encourage and support you as you work through learning new habits and being new practices through our functional medicine program. Throughout, we’ll help you learn more about the process and your body, teach you new skills and inspire you to continue to reach your goals. Personal health is a partnership in functional medicine. We explore how your chronic pain and illnesses can be addressed through our holistic approach to nutrition and treatment. Doing so then puts you in a better position to overcome them.

There are several distinctions between traditional approaches and functional medicine:

  • Participatory: Rather than having a doctor or medical professional talk at you and ignore your input, functional medicine respects you and brings you into the healing process.
  • Preventative and restorative: We specifically gear testing and treatment towards preventing disease and reversing its effects, so you return to optimal functioning.
  • Evidence-based: The techniques and approaches used in functional medicine are based on the latest medical research from respected, peer-reviewed medical journals.

Back To You Chiropractic and Rehab

It can be difficult to get enough nutrients into your body. Also, it’s all too easy to allow bad habits to develop due to scheduling issues or availability. Thus, Back To You offers a functional medicine program incorporating nutritional counseling. We can not only guide patients through what their body needs to maintain balance. Then, we help design practices to restore, maintain, and improve one’s holistic condition. 

Also, alongside our functional medicine practices in Silver Spring, MD, we provide a variety of holistic and chiropractic services designed to improve your health, help you heal, and manage pain. For example, some of our treatments include:

Patients find a supportive and caring environment at Back To You dedicated to their well-being. So contact us today at 301.755.1997 and learn more about how we can help you with functional medicine in Silver Spring, MD.

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